Evenings @ Government House with Deanna Ryan-Meister

Thursday, March 24, 2022

All in-house seats have been reserved!

Guests can still join the session online. The presentation will be broadcast on our Facebook page at 7:00 PM on Tuesday, April 5th. No advanced registration is required. Just click on our Facebook page at Office of the Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia and enjoy the show.

Ms. Deanna Ryan-Meister, President of the Titanic Society of Atlantic Canada. The presentation will commemorate the 110th anniversary of the RMS Titanic tragedy and discuss historic links between the Titanic and Atlantic Canada. 

About the Event

Ms. Deanna Ryan-Meister is the President of the Titanic Society of Atlantic Canada and advocates for education regarding the Titanic connection to Atlantic Canada. She has published articles in Titanic Society journals and magazines in North America, the UK, Germany and Lebanon. As a presenter, Ms. Ryan-Meister has discussed Titanic-Atlantic Canadian connections in Ireland, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. 

The Titanic Society of Atlantic Canada (TSAC) was formed in 2013, with the objective to inform the public about RMS Titanic through research and discussions about the crew, the passengers and the individuals who assisted with rescue and recovery. TSAC meets four times per year at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, where the Society also hosts annual commemorations of the anniversary of the Titanic tragedy each April. 

To learn more about the TSAC, please visit Titanic Society of Atlantic Canada | Facebook