How do I invite the Lieutenant Governor to attend an event?

The Lieutenant Governor attends many special events, ceremonies and celebrations across the Province every year. If you would like the Lieutenant Governor to attend your event, please send a written invitation, addressed to the Lieutenant Governor, by mail or email.  Please note the Lieutenant Governor's calendar is planned two to three months in advance.

For more information please visit Protocol and Requests.

How does my organization request the Honourary Patronage of the Lieutenant Governor?

As part of a commitment to community service, a Lieutenant Governor may extend their honorary patronage to local organizations that help enrich the lives of Nova Scotians. This form of patronage derives from the concept of the Crown as the source of the highest honours and awards granted in our society. To invite the Lieutenant Governor to become a patron of your organization please complete the online patronage request form.

How do I arrange for birthday or anniversary greetings from the Lieutenant Governor?

To request a congratulatory message from the Lieutenant Governor for milestone birthdays and/or anniversaries, please complete the Protocol Office online request form 

For more information please visit the Congratulatory Messages section.

How do I request an official photo of The King or the Governor General?

To request an official photo of the Governor General please visit the Governor General's website

To request an official photo of His Majesty The King, please contact the Government of Canada Infoline: 1-800-622-6232

Can I tour Government House and the gardens?

Public tours are available in the summer months of July and August, please visit the tour information page for schedules.

Tours are available throughout the year for schools in Nova Scotia and groups interested in the history of Government House and the role of the Lieutenant Governor. To request a tour please submit an online tour request form at least six weeks in advance of the preferred tour date.  

Can I get married at Government House?

Marriage ceremonies are not permitted on the grounds or inside of Government House.

How do I address the Lieutenant Governor?

Please review the Forms of Address section for information on addressing the Lieutenant Governor in writing and in person. 

What is the difference between "Lieutenant Governor" and "Lieutenant Governor in Council"?

The Lieutenant Governor represents the Crown as Chief Executive Officer of the Province. The term "Lieutenant Governor in Council" refers to the Lieutenant Governor acting on and with the advice of the Executive Council (Cabinet).  When the Cabinet makes a decision and the Lieutenant Governor approves it, it is said to have been made by the Lieutenant Governor in Council.

See Role of the Lieutenant Governor for more information.

What is the Loyal Toast to The King and when is it used?

Since the 1930s, it has been a tradition in Nova Scotia for the Lieutenant Governor to offer the Loyal Toast. It is proposed at official functions of the Province as the toast to His Majesty The King, Canada's head of state.  

Visit Protocol Guidelines for Events and Functions for more information.

How long is a Lieutenant Governor's term of office?

Appointments to the role of Lieutenant Governor are commonly for a period of not less than five years. Incumbents remain in office until a replacement is found.

Where can I find photos taken during events at Goverment House?

Photos taken during events hosted by the Lieutenant Governor are available for viewing and download on Flickr.  

Please note, photos featuring the Lieutenant Governor or Government House may not be used for any commerical, fundraising or political purposes.