Flag Policy

There is specific, prescribed protocol governing the flying of flags, indoors and out, at Government House. Further direction is provided on the flying of the Lieutenant Governor’s Flag offsite.

Flag Policy Summary

The term “flag” is used generically for any piece of cloth that is flown or displayed from a flag pole. Flags are only officially granted or designated heraldic designs that have been adopted by or approved by the Government of Canada, either through an Order-in-Council, resolution of Parliament, Proclamation or a grant from the Canadian Heraldic Authority.

Flags are always displayed in order of their precedence or rank and are never arranged for decorative purposes. Official flags, which in Canada consist of the King’s Personal Flag, the Governor General’s Flag, the Flags of the Lieutenant Governors, the National Flag of Canada, the Flags of Members of the Royal Family, the Provincial and Territorial Flags, and the Royal Union Flag are accorded precedence over other flags and banners.

Access the Full Flag Policy

To review all protocol related to flying and displaying Flags at Government House, please click here to view the official policy guide