Governor of Acadia

Sir Thomas Temple was born in 1613/14 in Stowe, England. In 1656 together with Colonel William Crowne, Temple petitioned to buy Charles de Saint-Étienne de La Tour’s land and assets in Nova Scotia.  Successful, Temple left England for Acadia (Nova Scotia) where Cromwell had commanded that the forts at Saint John and Pentagouet be given to Temple. By 1657 Temple and Crowe had decided to divide their properties with Temple acquiring land from the south shore of Nova Scotia to as far as River St. George in Maine. When Charles II was restored in 1660, Temple was created a Baronet of Nova Scotia and was appointed Governor of Nova Scotia but by 1667, Acadia had returned to France in the Treaty of Breda, still Temple decided to challenge the treaty and it was only in 1670 did Temple actually surrender it to France. After a sojourn in Boston while remaining a resident in Nova Scotia, Temple returned to London where he died in 1674.