Best Wishes for 2022

Tuesday, January 4, 2022
His Honour the Honourable Arthur J. LeBlanc and Mrs. LeBlanc would like to thank Nova Scotians for their service, contributions to their communities and dedication to their professions over the past year. Their Honours have been inspired by the ongoing determination, resiliency and fortitude of spirit that characterizes Nova Scotia.
2021 was an extraordinary year. The province made progress in the fight against COVID-19 because of the dedication of healthcare professionals and other frontline workers. Despite our advances, it was a challenging time for many. It was a year that put the endurance and perseverance of Nova Scotians to the test. Even though there was uncertainty in many areas of our lives, individuals, teams and organizations demonstrated strength in spirit. This tenacity characterizes the people of our province and it is something to take pride in.
Over the past year, Their Honours were pleased to meet with individuals that represent the culture, history, diversity and values of the province. They look forward to greeting residents and visitors during the coming year.
To view a New Year's greeting from the Lieutenant Governor, please visit our YouTube channel.