Remembering the men of Canada’s Black Battalion No. 2 Construction Battalion 1916 – 1920

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

On November 10th at 7pm, Professor Leslie Oliver will provide a fascinating talk on an important aspect of Nova Scotia’s role in the First World War as part of the ongoing commemorations of the Great War at Government House. 

In 1916, Canada was struggling to maintain a full fighting force in Europe while, at home, many young Black men were struggling to find a way to participate in that effort along with their fellow Canadians. Our Canadian military was trying hard to deal with the racial attitudes of the times in a way that could enlist the willing Black men as part of the war effort. Dr. Leslie Oliver will discuss the impact and contributions of the men who joined the Number 2 Construction Battalion, CEF – a battalion of Black soldiers, formed in Nova Scotia, under the command of Lt. Col. Daniel H. Sutherland.

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