Registration is now open for the second event of the Fall 2017 Series of Evenings @ Government House on 3 October 2017 featuring a choral presentation by Les Voix d’Acadie.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

The vocal ensemble Les Voix d'Acadie, the French beacon choir in the Halifax Regional Municipality, will begin its 44th season with a concert at Government House.  For this occasion, the choir will not deviate from its varied repertoire of songs ranging from pop folk with frequent jazz infiltration and of course its choir-interpretations of the great songs of the Acadian repertoire.

The vocal ensemble les Voix d’Acadie is a four-part, francophone choir made up of approximately 40 members from the Halifax Regional Municipality.  Its mission is to promote and introduce francophone music to all in a learning and creative environment.

Les Voix d’Acadie was started by Carmen Comeau-Anderson in the fall of 1973 and five individuals have directed the choir over its lifetime.  The choir’s repertoire covers a variety of musical styles such as contemporary, pop rock, traditional, jazz and classical. The choir has also staged a number of rock-opera classics such as Starmania, Les Misérables and Notre-Dame de Paris. For the 2004 Congrès mondial acadien, the choir commissioned Calixte Duguay, a well-known Acadian artist to write a musical, La grande traversée, which included both text and songs relating the odyssey of the Acadian people.  Over the years, the choir has performed in various Acadian regions of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, and with a variety of groups, such as Symphony Nova Scotia, the children's choirs of Bois- Joli, Beau Bassin, and Beau Marais schools, and Le Choeur des Aboiteaux. Les Voix d’Acadie has also participated in the Royal Canadian Legion video “Unsung Heroes”.

To register, please call 902-424-7001 or go to