Registration is now open for the fifth event in the Fall 2016 Series of Evenings @ Government House on 15 November 2016, featuring a presentation on the historic and modern roles of the 78th Highland Regiment of Foot.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Roderick MacLean, Executive Director of the Halifax Citadel Regimental Association, will speak on the historic and modern roles of the 78th Highland Regiment of Foot - the 19th century Halifax garrison and the contemporary re-enactment program.

The 78th Highland Regiment of Foot, or 78th Highlanders, has stamped an indelible legacy on the cultural fabric of Nova Scotia. From its initial two-year posting in the mid-Victorian period, to the echoes of its presence in subsequent militia and regular force military units, to its re-enactment at the Halifax Citadel National Historic Site of Canada commencing in the early 1980s, the Regiment has left a mark far beyond what might have been expected when it arrived in Halifax on the 14th of May 1869. Through the aid of period anecdotes, personal stories and images, this presentation examines the relationship of the members of the original 78th to the citizens of Halifax which, in turn, illuminates why its influence continued to be felt long after the MacKenzie-kilted battalion sailed from Canada's shores.

Admission is free. 

Seating is limited.  To register call 902-424-7001 or go to: