The Coronation of King Charles III

On May 6, Canadians and people throughout the Commonwealth will celebrate the Coronation of King Charles III and Queen Camilla. This is a rare and historic event that will be observed by millions world wide. As King of Canada, and Canada’s Head of State, King Charles III is an integral part of Canadian society; he is at the apex of our system of constitutional monarchy and parliamentary democracy – which is among the oldest in the world. 

The Coronation is the most important state occasion, as it is when the Sovereign solemnly promises to uphold and adhere to the laws and customs of Canada and the other countries for which he or she is Head of State. The Coronation takes place in the presence of the assembled members of the state and society, with representatives from across the Commonwealth, including the various Realm Governors General and Prime Ministers, all whom serve in the King’s name and under his authority. During the Coronation, The King will take a series of oaths, not unlike the oaths taken by new Canadian citizens, members of the Canadian Armed Forces, federal, provincial and municipal office holders, and elected representatives.

While King Charles III automatically became King of Canada, meaning he held all legal, constitutional and symbolic authorities as Canada’s Head of State, upon the death of his beloved mother Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, the Coronation provides a celebratory occasion to mark the new Reign and focus on the opportunities ahead.  

Coronation Celebrations in Nova Scotia

The Province of Nova Scotia is undertaking a number of events in May and June to celebrate this historic occasion. They will be located in Halifax at Government House (1451 Barrington Street) and Province House (1726 Hollis Street). 

Events open to the public are free, but capacity is limited at indoor events at Government House. Seats will be available through a lottery, which is now closed. All guests have been notified.  

Enter the Registration Lottery for Event Seats

***The registration lottery is now closed. Individuals who received seats at events have been contacted by the Office of the Lieutenant Governor.*** 

Events requiring advanced registration are marked in the list below. These events have limited indoor capacity and due to public interest, registration will take place through a lottery.

Scheduled Public Events:

** Tuesday, May 2 **

- Opening of the King Charles III Exhibit: Province House at 2:00 PM.
* The event is open to the public. Registration is not required. 

- Movie Event: Canadians at the Coronation: Government House at 7:00 PM.
* Event registration is via lottery. The lottery is closed and guests have been notified. 


** Saturday, May 6 **

- Live Viewing of the Coronation: Government House at 7:00 AM.
* Event registration is via lottery. The lottery is closed and guests have been notified. 

- Flag Raising Ceremony and Outdoor Reception: Government House at 10:00 AM.
* The event is open to the public. Registration is not required.
 During the event, there will be remarks by the Lieutenant Governor and Premier, a smudging ceremony, drumming by Michael R. Denny, a 21-gun salute, and the singing of the National and Royal Anthems.  

** Wednesday, May 31 **

- Unveiling of King Charles III's Portrait: Government House at 2:00 PM.
* Event registration is via lottery. The lottery is closed and guests have been notified. 

** Thursday, June 22 **

- Coronation Garden Party: Government House at 2:00 PM. 
* The event is open to the public. Registration is not required.

Scheduled Private Events (Invitation Only):

** Friday, May 5 **

- Provincial State Dinner: Canadian Forces Base Halifax.


** Tuesday, May 23 **

- Citizen Swearing-In Ceremony: Province House.


If you have questions about Coronation celebrations hosted by the Province of Nova Scotia and The Office of the Lieutenant Governor, please contact us by email at or by phone at 902-424-7001.