Vice-Regal and Commissioners’ Commendation

Vice Regal Commendation
Image courtesy: Office of the Governor General

In July 1998, Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II approved the use of the Crown on the insignia of the soon to be established Vice-Regal and Commissioners' Commendation. In January 1999, the Commendation was formally created. The Commendation is a method for Lieutenant Governors and Territorial Commissioners' to recognize the important services provided to their offices in each province and territory. 

The very first recipient of the Commendation in all of Canada was a member of the Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia's Household, Mary McGrath, who received it in 1999.

Only Lieutenant Governors and Territorial Commissioners can submit nominations for the recognition. The recipient must have in the course of their duties as a paid or volunteer staff member including those in the military and police, have performed one or more commendable acts that have benefited the office of a Lieutenant Governor or Territorial Commissioner. The number of nominations permitted during a Lieutenant Governor's or Territorial Commissioners' mandate varies depending on the number of staff who serve in their Household.

The Commendation consists of a certificate along with a gold bar enamelled in blue with a circle containing three red maple leaves (as drawn from the Arms of Canada) surmounted by a Royal Crown. The lapel pin is a circular badge depicting three red maple leaves in the centre surmounted by the Royal Crown - in recognition of those who serve the Crown in Canada. 

Below is a list of the recipients who have received the Vice-Regal and Commissioners' Commendation from the Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia:


RecipientYear Received
Mary McGrath1999
Lieutenant-Colonel Stephen Kavanagh, CD, AdeC2000
Lieutenant-Commander Ian McKee, CD, AdeC, RCN2000
Annette Marshall 2006
Captain A. Ross Brown, CD, AdeC2006
Maureen Hope2010
Lieutenant-Commander Scott Nelson, MVO, RCN2010
Inspector Warren MacEachern, AdeC2010
Julie Stiles2010
Commissionaire, CWO Brian Graves2011
Salwa Majess2011
Captain Douglas Keirstead, CD, AdeC2011
Major Catherine Weis, CD, AdeC2011
Major Tim Moser, CD, AdeC2012
John Morrison2012
Staff-Sergeant Dianne Stairs, AdeC2012
Dr. Donald Julien, CM, ONS2014
Colonel (Ret’d) John Boileau, CD2016
Lieutenant-Colonel Dale A. Warner, CD, AdeC2016
Captain Robert A. Adams, CD, AdeC2016
Sergeant Nancy J. Rudback, AdeC2016
Michael Laffin2017
Neville MacKay2017
Inspector D. Blair Bannerman, AdeC2019
Detective Constable Carol M. Campbell-Waugh, AdeC2019
Constable Mark C. Hurlburt, AdeC2019
Inspector Donald R. Moser, AdeC2019
Kelly Clelland2021
Major Peter Dawson, CD, AdeC2021
Corporal Deepak Prasad, AdeC2021